BQ2980 (正在供货)

bq2980 High Side Protector for Single-Cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries



The bq2980xy family of devices, featuring integrated charge-pump FET drivers, provides high-side primary battery cell protection for 1-series Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries, enabling consistent Rdson across cell voltages. For better system thermal performance, the bq2980 device’s accuracy enables the use of a sense resistor as low as 1 mΩ.

The CTR pin in the bq2980 device can be configured to override the FET driver by host control to create a system reset or shutdown function. Alternatively, the CTR pin can be configured to connect an external Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistor for FET OT protection in addition to the internal die temperature sensor.


  • Voltage Protection
    • Overvoltage (OV): ±10 mV
    • Undervoltage (UV): ±20 mV
  • Current Protection
    • Overcurrent in Charge (OCC): ±1 mV
    • Overcurrent in Discharge (OCD): ±1 mV
    • Short Circuit in Discharge (SCD): ±5 mV
  • Temperature Protection
    • Overtemperature (OT)
    • Undertemperature (UT)
  • Additional Features
    • Supports as Low as a 1-mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS)
    • High-Side Protection
    • High Vgs FET Drive
    • CTR Pin for FET Override Control for System Reset/Shutdown
    • Configure CTR for Second OT Protection Through an External PTC Thermistor
  • Current Consumption
    • NORMAL Mode: 4 µA
    • SHUTDOWN Mode: 0.1-µA Maximum
  • Package
    • 8-pin X2QFN: 1.5 × 1.5 × 0.37 mm

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参数 与其它产品相比 电池监控, 保护及认证解决方案

Number of Series Cells (Min)
Number of Series Cells (Max)
Communication Interface
Typical Operating Current (Typ) (uA)
Vin (Max) (V)
BQ2980 BQ2970
Protection    Protection   
No Communication    No Communication   
Analog current sense
High-Side NCH CHG/DSG FET Drive
Programmable EEPROM or EPROM
Temperature sense
Over-current in Charge (OCC)
Over-current in Discharge (OCD)   
Low-Side NCH CHG/DSG FET Drive
Programmable EEPROM or EPROM
Over-current in Charge (OCC)
Over-current in Discharge (OCD)
Over-voltage (OV)
Short-circuit Discharge (SCD)
Under-voltage (UV)   
5    4   
Catalog    Catalog   
5.5    8